4 Easy Ways to Maintain Healthy, Glowing Skin During Hot Summer Weather

Have you ever experienced sudden breakouts or an increase in skin blemishes when the hot summer months come?

The searing heat of summer has a bigger effect on your skin than you might think.

When your skin temperature increases by even just 1%, your skin's sebum production can increase by up to a whopping 10%! As your skin gets hotter, your pores open up more, which then makes your skin more vulnerable to impurities and oils in the air. This can lead to acne, breakouts, and eczema flare ups.

Just like how you swap out your clothing based on the changing weather, you should also be adjusting your skincare routine as the different seasons come and go. If you want to learn how to keep your skin healthy and smooth no matter how toasty it gets this summer, then check out our list of four common summer skincare issues and how to prevent them:


1. Dead Skin Buildup

If you live in a hot and dry area, naturally your skin will become dry as well, and this can lead to skin that's itchy and flaky.

When this happens, the dead skin cells pile up and create a layer on top of your skin, which is bad for the overall health of your skin and prevents your skincare products from seeping into the deeper layers of your skin.

If you wear makeup, these excess dead skin cells will also cause wrinkles and fine lines, as well as flakiness in your makeup.

That's why it's important to not only exfoliate these excess dead skin cells from your face, but to also moisturize afterwards.


2. Loss of Hydration

When it's hotter, you tend to sweat more, and without proper hydration your skin will become drier and more irritated.

That's why making sure to replenish your body's water levels is crucial!

If your skin is dry, it becomes more fragile and less able to protect itself from UV rays, which then causes you to be at a higher risk for sunburn or skin damage.

Loss off water also throws off the balance of the oil and water levels in your skin, which can result in increased sebum production and acne.

The #1 way of overcoming this is, of course, by making a conscious effort to drink more water! Always keep a bottle or glass of water nearby, no matter where you're at.

In addition to drinking lots of water, it's also recommended that you regularly apply a strong moisturizer that contains a high amount of glycerin. By doing so, you will maintain a strong and healthy skin barrier that will keep your skin's natural moisture locked in.

four signs of dehydrated skin and skincare tips on how to maintain healthy, glowing skin during the hot summer weather

3. Excessive Sebum Production

In cooler weather our sebum production is relatively stable, but in hot weather our sebum production increases, which can cause acne and blocked pores.

In order to get rid of extra sebum that's coating your skin, make sure to regularly wash your face. After patting your face dry, make sure you always apply a good moisturizer to lock in the moisture.


4. Sunspots

As much fun as outdoor activities are during the warmer seasons, this additional exposure to the sun is also what causes sunspots to appear.

The solution to sunspots, which are dark, discolored spots that appear on the skin due to UV ray exposure, is vitamins, and in particular, Vitamin C!

Antioxidants like Vitamin C will help to brighten dull skin and bring back its natural glow, which will help acne scars and sunspots fade away.

Combat those dark sunspots and acne scars with the one-two combo of applying a moisturizer that contains Vitamin C. Consuming lots of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables is also another great way of naturally reducing sunspots and acne scars.