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Yu-Be Skincare Family Photo


For more than 65 years, Yu-Be (pronounced “YOO-BEE”) has been one of the top selling skincare brands from Japan.

Yu-Be’s suite of hydrating products are able to quickly heal and repair dry skin all over the body – including your face, hands, knees, feet, basically everywhere. It's fantastic as a daily skin maintenance cream and it can also be used as an ointment when your skin gets damaged or has irritations. 

It’s the uniquely high glycerin content, camphor, and vitamins, as well as the special manufacturing process, that makes Yu-Be so effectively healing and sets it apart from other creams. 


Glycerin: A replenishing and restoring humectant which attracts and retains moisture for the skin.

Vitamin E: Helps to strengthen the capillary walls in your skin and to improve moisture and elasticity, acting as a natural anti aging nutrient within your body.

Vitamin B2: Boosts collagen levels and is needed to maintain the youthful structure of skin and to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Camphor: Has a very refreshing scent and leaves the skin feeling smooth and itch-free.

Sodium Hyaluronate: Extremely hydrating and penetrative, its molecules are able to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water – making sure that your skin never goes dry.


It was early winter in 1955, Japan, when a woman with severely dry and cracked hands walked into the pharmacy of Yoshikiyo Nowatari. She stated that she was in search of a "hand cream that is effective and not sticky". Unfortunately, however, at the time there was no such product available.

The woman begrudgingly purchased the greasy petroleum-based skin cream at the pharmacy and left.

The discontent attitude the woman had as she left the store bothered Mr. Nowatari deeply and fueled in him a powerful desire to formulate the perfect cream.

Mr. Nowatari decided to ask his acquaintance, Masuji Wataya, a researcher who studied emulsification at Tokyo University, to help him develop his cream.

As the research and development of the cream was conducted, the daily reminder that Mr. Nowatari told himself everyday was, "I need to make a product that will make the customer happy."

Finally, two years later, Mr. Nowatari and Mr. Wataya successfully emerged from the lab with the most effective cream created yet - the Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream

Through their special manufacturing process, they were able to create a highly concentrated glycerin-based and vitamin-enriched skin cream that absorb quickly into the skin and immediately alleviated any dryness or irritation!

Since then, the Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream has brought joy to millions of people all over the world by helping them heal their dry and irritated skin, and it continues to do so today.


Yu-Be is so healthy and hydrating for the skin that it's even been trusted from the top of the world, all the way to the bottom of it!

Mountain climber and explorer, Sumiyo Tsuzuki, became the first Japanese woman to ever summit Mt. Everest from the difficult Tibet side in 1998.

In 2007, she pointed her compass to the South Pole in Antarctica and also became the first Japanese woman to ever ski to the lowest point on Earth.

She always kept a tube of Yu-Be's Moisturizing Skin Cream taped to a shoelace around her neck to help her overcome the extreme winds and sub-zero temperatures.