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Based on 372 reviews

I am an avid gardener, and my hands take a beating. This is my favorite antidote for dry cuticles and "beat up" hands!

The best

Dry winter hands don’t exist when you use Yu-Be :)

Best cream

This cream makes my hands so soft and absolutely no smell whatsoever.


I've had dry skin all my life—must be in my DNA. When I use Yu-Be on my face and hands, it is like magic—everything is smooth again. I don't have to reapply nearly as often as I do for other skin creams. For chapped lips, it's the best.


This lotion is amazing. It is so easy to use and effective. I used it on my dry cracking hands and cuticles. Amazing results. I also put it on my 6 year old grand daughter's little peeling fingers. Instsnt relief and healed really fast.

Skin Loves It!

There are serious softeners and moisturizer magic in this cream! Putting on a light application leaves my skin feeling and looking great for hours. I only wish it came in larger tubs because my husband’s very troublesome dry, often irritated skin over much of his body has responded better to this product than what his Dr. suggested. I also like that it doesn’t compete with the smell of my perfume. This is a quality product.

Is what it says

I love that the Yu-Be products do what they say they do and feel so good.

Miracle Lotion

I have always loved the and cream but just tried the body lotion. It has gotten rid of my rough elbows and knees in days and made my skin silky smooth. The initial mentholsncet fades after a couple of minutes and it keeps you hydrated all day! I love in the dry climate in Colorado and this is a keeper!

love your products

such good quality
i love your products
they really work

Soft and smells lovely

The first time I apply the moisturizer, I was skeptical b/c it feels thick, and turns white when I apply the amount to my face. After some rubbing and spreading it around. The whiteness dissipated and my face feels nice and soft. The moisturizer feels and looks greasy, but that's not the case after application. I def did not feel any oil at all. The initial smell is a bit strong but it dissipated pretty fast. Overall, I'm happy with the purchase.

Finally! Relief!

Your original yu-be tube still works the best but the body lotion runs a VERY close second with a lot of extra conveniences. It is so much easier to spread. The tube is hard to spread so best for only small areas. The lotion works extremely well if applied every night. When he goes to bed before I have had a chance to apply the lotion, he itches all night. In contrast, other highly advertised products only give relief for a few hours. it is by far the best product i have tried.
I expected the same result with the lip moisturizers but did not get it. I have very very dry lips, to the point that i am peeling skin off every day. i found this product's results to be no better than the good commercial ones. i admit, i am highly disappointed!

Wonderful luxury!

As with all You-Be products it doesn't disappoint. Highly recommend!

Years of success!

Really! I have been using this cream around my eyes for three years. (Not too close that it gets in my eyes.). Crows feet at 60? Barely! Friends usually comment on my skin, and yes, some of it is genetics. However, this cream is perfect for areas prone to wrinkles and dry skin as one gets older. Forehead, eye area, lip area. I avoid nose areas and hair line, but it’s perfect for after night cleansing or just a dab under eyes before makeup or even after! It blends in and takes such a little bit. I think I love this stuff!

Wonderful Stuff! 👍🏻

I wish I had a bit more to continue the “trial” usage of this product. I will be ordering the full size right away. These products seem to be simple - do as stated they will do. No magic, no overnight sensations, just good clean, moistured skin. Can’t wait to better skin with continued, regular usage.

love this brand

knew I loved the moisturizing cream! didn't know if this brand would be good for skincare (face), but with winter and masks, it's less irritating than the expensive vegan brands I normally get

I love this non alcohol version for my hands.

My husband shaves his head and uses this daily on his head. His barber uses him as an example to his other customers on how to take care of your scalp.


I received a sample when I purchased other YuBe products and quickly became a devotee to this amazing face wash. I just received my first full size bottle and my skin already looks and feels better!! LOVE!


I am a nurse and my hands take a beating. YuBe solved this problem! I am a devoted new customer and will be stocking up on this luxurious skin cream!!

Great product

Happy to purchase this lip balm. Works very well.


knew I loved the skin cream from a tube I received in my yogisurprise box. it's the only thing I can use on my feet. started to get super dry winter skin/used a bath and body, body wash and had to do something. wasn't sure what all to buy so I got the package with everything. not super crazy about the tube with no smell but I think I will for sure be buying lotion and skin cream again. I also like the face wash and the free bag that came with it seems super durable

Love This

I tried the sample and ordered the product. Even with a humidifier, it gets so dry in winter. This product makes my face look better and feel better -- skin is soft and smooth as a baby's. The hydrating cream is a winner too -- lots and lots of hand-washing leaves my hands waaaay too dry, but the cream takes care of them quite well. Once again, thanks to Yu-Be for great products and lovely service.

Use immediately

Yu-Be products are the best moisturizers on the planet.
Along with the other skin products. They are all safe, effective and affordable.
Truly Superlative
Anthony M

10 Stars!!!

I've never used a cream like this! After just one use my hands and cuticles look totally revived! I bought some for my mom and she loved it so much that she bought even more. Not oily, absorbs right away; total luxury!

Perfection in a pump

I adore this lotion...and so does my EXTREMELY SENSITIVE / DRY SKIN.
k can not say enough about this magnificent lotion that is not too heaven but moistures unbelievably.

Please NEVER stop producing xoxo- My Body