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Based on 421 reviews
We love this product

The new yellow cap product is our new favorite for damaged hands. The smell is amazing.

3- in- 1 Lip Therapy.

Awesome lip therapy with sun protection loved it,
it worked!
My lips are soft, and not dry anymore.
Just loved it, cannot be without it.
Nothing compares to this.

2nd Bottle

I have been using Yu-be for a while now, the moisturizing cream works so well for my skin. I am very happy that they came out with the Face Wash, which I initially received as a sample. My skin felt clean and moisturized. No "stripped of moisture" feeling. The ingredients are natural, and you do not need alot. I am very satisfied with my purchase, and have no plans of changing my face wash anytime soon. Thank you for this!

A straight forward, highly efficient product!

Skin was immediately soft and comfortable. Skin also felt firm and lifted. I use the cream in PM......waking up to skin that feels so amazing, is great.

Great Skin Products

Yu-Be great skin line, keeps your skin soft and moist,
you see a difference.
Thank you.
JH Los Angeles Ca.


Amazing customer service. Contact and response to my questions was immediate and friendly. Best customer service I ever had


My husband & I simply love this new product...we use it on our feet, hands & face!!! It works miracles on dry/cracked skin!!!


A perfect face wash & prepares skin beautifully for night creams


simply the best cream~smells so fresh & feels heavenly


This cream is magic! I liked it so much, that I tried it on my toddler’s eczema and it’s improved so much! It absorbs quickly without any sticky greasiness.

Love this product. Moistures and leaves skin feeling great.

a good product

I've used these as socks and they're great. They do a good job of keeping the moisturizer on your feet. I also have plantar fasciitis and noticed that they provide an unobtrusive level of support through out the night which helps with footpain in the morning.


Absorbs quickly and has a pleasant scent


Smells great and makes your skin feel wonderful.

PERFECT match for my super dry skin!

Love that it’s fragrance-free! Adore the texture. It’s so unique. Kind of like a balm, but creamy, and a bit like vaseline- but it contains no petroleum oil. It’s a little thick, but spreads easily. A little goes a long way. I found it to absorb quick leaving a non-greasy finish. Feels soothing and protective. Long lasting. It works awesome to treat extra dry, flakey, or chapped spots, but I also used it all over my face without issue. My favorite way to use it is as a last layer before bed. I wake up with beautifully hydrated and soft skin. It absorbs quick too making it mess-free. Again, I LOVE the texture and it’s been an awesome addition to my routine!

Luxurious, long lasting

After sampling this product for a while, I purchased a bottle. Every Yu-Be item is high quality. The body lotion nixed the flakiness on my legs and lasted throughout my 9+ hour shift. This lotion is everything described online.


Love all the products we have tried so far! The creams absorb in the skin and make them feel SO soft! Will never use anything else!

Thank you!

Best new product

Pure hydration cream is the best new moisturizer to be introduced in several decades.
Absorbed quickly with a very clean fragrance. A must have for every season.

Best set i have ever used

Yube cream and lotion are so moisturizing and the scrub makes my face feel so not going to use anything else from now on except YUBE!

looking forward

I received some free samples for the hydrating face wash, I am embarrassed to say that I don't have a daily routine for facial cleansing. I will be trying this and will let you know how it goes!

great product

Thus far, my favorite product is the moisturizing skin cream, I bought this size to keep in my purse or evening bag when I'm out and want an instant pick me up for my hands!

hands look years younger

The moisturizing cream is a miracle worker! I do a lot of cleaning, crafts and outdoor activities and wash my hands alot! I do not protect my hands as I should, by the end of the day, my hands are in bad shape. I put this cream on before going to bed and they look amazing the next morning, they also appear younger to me as well, very well hydrated. I also ordered the foaming skin polish for the first time, haven't had time to try yet, but i'm looking forward to it! Every product I have used thus far has exceeded my expectations and am so happy my daughter told me about it.

love it

favorite lotion since mine was discontinued. will continue ordering. only thing I can put on my feet. want to introduce everyone I know to it

Awesome as always!

We have been a big fan of the cream in a tube for years. This is similar and even easier to apply. Great results.

THE Best

First received a tiny tube of YuBe Original as a sample from somewhere (?). Used it on lines on my face before bed to my amazement. Ordered a larger tube and now I give them to friends as gifts. The Glycerin is solidly effective, the greatest and not greasy. This new scent is what I carry with me in my car and overnight bag. Just THE Best. I recommend YuBe to everyone!!