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Moisturizer That Literally Does Not Disappoint

Does the job yet does not leave a greasy feel to it like so many products I have tried. The secret sauce is camphor which at first might be overwhelming but it dissipates in less than 5 minutes. I appreciate the product comes in travel size too. This was a good find. I already bought some as Xmas gift for my picky sibling.

I love it, use on

I love it, use on face and hands and would recommend it to others.

Love the pure hydrating cream, face wash, and original moisturizer. The products were perfect for my dry and sensitive skin! I already knew I loved the original formula moisturizer, but I discovered two new loves in the free sample pack. Yu-Be has a loyal customer for life!!!

Best moisturizer ever!

My skin was very dry and sensitive from using tretinoin for acne. I didn’t want to discontinue the tretinoin because it had cleared up my skin beautifully, but the side effects were almost unbearable. After trying many different moisturizers, some of which were recommended by my dermatologist, I decided to try the sample of the original Yu-be cream that was given to me several years ago and I had tossed in a drawer. It has saved my skin, and I can continue using tretinoin without any dryness or sensitivity. My skin looks great! I cannot recommend this product enough. For my skin problems, it worked better than LaRoche Posay, Cerevae, Maracuja Oil, Argan Oil, Avene, Aquaphor, Hyaluronic Acid, E. L. Moisturizers (many kinds), etc. etc. I think you get the picture 🙂

Yu-Be is the best

I am 83 years old and I have used this product for years. I do not show andy wrinkles in my face, now, ani't that great!

Great for face!

I decided to try this instead of the original formula for my face, which I usually use, and it works great! I miss the camphor but this formula is still rich, yet light and smooths over my face much easier. I love that it’s non-comedogenic for my face to prevent any potential pore blockage as well.

Leaves skin smooth!

I tried the skin polish for the first time after being a long time original moisturizer fan. I use it gently on my face because it does exfoliate very well but it leaves my skin really smooth and helps my moisturizer absorb even better! It’s also great for the little bumps I get on the back of my arms!

Beat winter dryness!

The original formula is my all time favorite! As a hairstylist my hands are always in water and when winter rolls around it’s even worse. This heals my dry cracked and sore skin so fast. Im fond of the camphor scent and feel as well!

Great product with great customer service!

My wife and I are royal customers of Yu-Be products for many years. we received a wrong size on our recent order and customer service immediately send us back the correct size and we received the correct size in a couple of days! Thank You Elena for her immediate response!

Yes it up others after a while

Super hydrating, smells awesome.
Fantastic product!

Súper Cream!!! My skin is very dry and since I use Yu-Be it is much better

After applying I feel my skin freshener

Unequalled Moisturizer!

I have been a fan of Yu-Be skin moisturizer for a few years. Having tried other products this one stands out for its ability to moisturize and provide relief from dry, chapped hands. It isn't greasy and has a pleasant scent. Try it and you won't be disappointed.

Great moisturizer

I’ve used the cream for years and decided to try the body lotion. It’s a great lighter weight option that quickly absorbs into the skin. Love all the Yu Be products!

Great product, great value

At first I was wary of this because it goes on thick, but I've had no issues at all with using it on my face. It's deeply moisturizing and protective for my skin. And I love the reasonable price point! It's hard to find that these days with beauty products.

My new moisture cream

Switching from those expensive face moisture creams to this hydration cream and I love it. Healthy, does a great job and the price is much better.

Great for dry,cracked hands

This cream does wonders for my cracked, dry hands and cuticles. If I use this every night before bed, my hands stay in great condition. If I have any sore cuticles, the next morning they feel so much better. Excellent cream. Great products

Peace of mind

The Best Darn Moisturizer on the planet. Trust me I have visited spas
In Switzerland & France.


This is the ONLY product that has saved my skin time and time again, through summer and winter. Summer for basic maintenance but in winter?! I can not function without it.
My skin is so dry that nothing softens it in winter which leads to cracking and bleeding, on my feet, my hands and pretty much everywhere. Yes, its pricey but I use far less than all the Other lotions I have absorbed over the years and it works in ONE application. My son is a believer too. He has eczema and uses Yu-Be cream everyday. It is in his stocking every Christmas. I feel so lucky a friend gave me some years ago saying this will work; of course I was skeptical but now...I don't buy anything else.

Dear Megan,

Thank you for leaving such a thoughtful review — it truly warms all of our hearts here at Yu-Be to read stories like yours! We are happy to help you and your son, and we send our thanks to the friend who introduced us to you!

Happy Soft Skin,
Shari @ Yu-Be

YuBe Skin Polish

I have been using this exfoliant for years. I love it.

Complete Skincare Set
Melinda Lawson
Best skincare ever!

They completely healed my chronic uncontrollable dry skin. The dermatologist prescribed me a very expensive prescription cream and yes it worked but Yu-be works just as well for a fraction of the price. Customer for life!

Agree - the lip balm I’ve ever used

Honestly, whatever the reason for discontinuing, this product was so effective. I’ve been using for at least 9 years and stopped having chapped lips. I always bought multiples. I just opened my last one and it made me so sad.
I tried the spf version when it was available and it wasn’t nearly as good.
And the moisturizer, while great for my skin, doesn’t lock in the moisture like the lip balm.
I almost never write reviews but this product was just so good. I’m sorry I waited until it was gone to say so.

Hi Robin,

Thank you so much for sharing your honest review! We are also sad that we had to take down the Lip Balms from our store, as we know that many of our customers loved them.

We hope one day to bring them back to our store when possible, but for now we are working on bringing back the SPF Lip Balms back and will go from there!

Feel free to reach out anytime should you ever need assistance with anything :)

Happy Soft Skin,
Shari @ Yu-Be

My Favorite Cream Ever !

I have been using this cream for my hands and feet for over 10 years now. It is the only cream that truly works for me and I've tried many of them. Nothing else out there compares !

Just the Best for Aging Thirsty Skin

I am 74 and have used many dry skin products. You-Be solves all my issues. I am so glad I found it! And... I agree that the old jars were perfect. I re-ordered and was chagrined to find that you have switched to tubes. Bad choice. luckily I had saved my old jar, and was able to put all the You-Be from the tube nio my old jar.

Simply the best

Have used Yu-Be for over 20 years. I am a true believer. Yu-Be cleared up my dermatitis that several prescription medicines could not. The itch was unbeable; the doctor was perplexed and had no more answers. I had a tub of Yu-be and decided to try it. It felt better almost immediately and took about 2 weeks to clear completely. I recommended Yu-Be to treat a rash a child relative had on his back. It worked again. I was hooked from the beginning and am still a regular user and big fan. Love that it is non-greasy, absorbs quickly (even though one might think that it would not), and combats central Texas dryness.

Hi Ersilia,

Thank you so much for leaving your incredible review. We are thrilled to hear how much Yu-Be has helped you and your loved ones! It's stories like these that keep pushing us to continue to create our products — to help people overcome painful skin issues and feel good in their skin.

Feel free to reach out anytime if you ever need assistance with anything :)

Happy Soft Skin,
Team Yu-Be

The best

I’m so sad this is no longer available! I hope it will come back at some point! Thank you for making the best chapstick I’ve ever used! :(

Hi Michelle,

Thank for your review, we're happy to hear that you loved our chapstick so much!
We are working on bringing back an SPF version and will notify all of our emailing list subscribers as soon as we have updates on it, so as long as you're on that list you'll be one of the first to know :)

You might already be doing this, but I personally love using the Yu-Be Cream on my lips. It's just as hydrating as the Lip Balm and keeps my lips super hydrated for a very long period of time!

Thank you for your support for Yu-Be!

Shari @ Yu-Be