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Based on 344 reviews
These solved the dry heel problem

I was skeptical that this would work but decided to try them. I have always had to moisturize my heels, they get very dry and crack quickly. I had been using another product that I liked but it was two different cream, exfoliating once and week and I didn't always keep it up. I felt a big difference after one night and it is easy to do. After using the cream else where I just put it on my feet, put on the socks and the next morning I am very happy with the results. The products I have tried from this company do what they say they will and you need to use only small amounts.

Best moisturizer I have ever used.

I love this size because I can take it with me. When I am traveling this is very handy for a quick refresher. My skin can dry out quickly and feel uncomfortable. This cream goes on quickly, isn't sticky and last a long time. I am amazed how little I need to use to cover my whole face. After using this just a week my skin was youthful again.

Everything. My skin never looked this good.

I love this lotion. It softens my husbands rough hands.

The Best Ever

I tried Chapstick, Vaseline, and prescription lotions to keep my lips from cracking in the winter. YuBe does the trick!! I apply it to my whole face after washing, twice a day. It seems to protect me from the elements - outside wind, inside dry heat - through the whole day


I'm a convert. This is the best moisturizer I've used - just ordered two more jars (don't want to run out ever) and told all my friends and family.

So far so good!

I have contact dermatitis from wearing masks during COVID and all my regular products have seemed to irritate it more. I’ve only been using this off and on for about a week and a half but I ALREADY noticed there is less irritation! Super excited to see results with continued use!

My new go to for face cream

Perfect moisturizer for sensitive skin

Foaming Skin Polish

This product is the best polish I have ever used. My husband uses it too! If you want your skin to look bright and feel squeeky clean, this is for you! I would say it is great for any skin type

The best....

We use this for dry areas, especially on our lips and it works great. Highly recommended.

I LOVE this hand cream!

I’m a nurse, all of the washing and hand sanitizers take a toll on my skin! YuBe gives me the relief I’ve been searching for!! I often give this product to my fellow nurses as a gift, I’ve never heard a complaint.


This is a terrific remedy for winter hands. I put it on, and my cracked hands immediately feel better.

Love your products!

I’ve been using yu-be products for years - especially through the cold & dry winter months - and my skin has been ‘thanking me’
Love every single product
Thank you!

Really nice face wash

I’ve tried a bunch, and this one works very well for me. Non-irritating and non- drying. Very nice.

Happy Hands

Advance formula is so smooth and nourishing, it’s like silk for the hands. Like... a transparent sheen. Im happy and so are my (happy) hands.


Hmmm ... the jury is still out on this one!

Will keep using it and see if I like it or go back to my other one!


Been using this everyday since it arrived at my doorstep!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it, start giving Trial Size to all your customer's base to share with friends/family members!
Once anyone try it out, they will be amazed at how it works!


After using it a few times, I'm truly loving how nice my skin feels, I highly recommend giving customers Trial Size
to get them started on this wonderful YU-BE BODY LOTION!

Great product

After using it , face will be so smooth!

The Best Cream Ever

After trying various creams over the years I have never found one that is effective to heal my raw, dry looking hands which hurt in the winter,especially my knuckles. I have found Yu-Be to be the only effective formula that heals my hands. It is also very effective on dry cracked heels on my feet as well. It is non-greasy and absorbs into my skin. I even recommended Yu-Be to my doctor!

Great Body Lotion

I started having itchy all over my body including old stretch marks and what I bought at drug store gave me more itchy. So I tried this body lotion and it is working great so far. I didn’t have a habit to use lotion every time after shower but I do now with this.

Love this lotion

Very soothing lotion, helps my dry skin feel good.

The best

I love how rich but light the cream is. Strong enough for winters but light enough for summers!

Best hand cream

This is the only cream I use that heals my dry cracked hands in the winter! Not greasy but so moisturizing. It feels so light but nourishing. Can’t get enough!

Excellent for my eczema riddled hands

This is the only product that helps moisturizer my broken, dry skin.



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