Don't Let THESE Skincare Trends RUIN Your Skin

Viral skincare trends: They may be convenient, they may be affordable, and everyone else may seem to be doing it, but that doesn't mean that they're safe or effective.

We're talking about some of the viral skincare trends that you see all over social media. They may look like a quick-fix solution to your skincare problems, but skincare lover beware: not all is what it seems to be!

With the help of one of our favorite professional estheticians, Miss Nayamka, we're going to break down four viral skincare trends that are NOT good for your skin and why.


1. Peel Off Masks 🎭

Why people use them: to exfoliate their skin and remove blackheads.

Why you shouldn't use them: 

  • They're full of irritants, dyes, and drying alcohol
  • The mask pulling causes inflammation, which increases dermatitis (rashes, irritation, and prolonged redness) and your chances of breaking out
  • They don't help remove blackheads because they only pull out the superficial portion of the blackhead, so your pore is actually still clogged with bacteria, sebum oil, and dead skin cells


2. Facial Brushes 🖌️

Why people use them: to exfoliate and cleanse

Why you shouldn't use them

  • They are overly-abrasive and cause irritation and dermatitis
  • They're hard to clean and thus hoard bacteria. If you don't clean the brush thoroughly after using it, you're going to be spreading bacteria onto your face the next time you use it


    3. Professional Skincare Treatments At Home 💉

    What people useMicro-needling, TCA peels, Lip Injections

    Why you shouldn't use them

    • The risk of spreading bacteria is very high due to your environment not being properly sanitized
    • It takes years to do these professional treatments correctly (watch the video below for shots of home treatments gone wrong)


    4. Buying Knock Off Products on Amazon 🧴

    • It is known that some products sold on Amazon are either expired or have been tampered with
    • These companies put in cheap ingredients
    • Some knock off products have been known to contain heavy metals, bacteria, and potentially fecal matter


    Instead of risking damaging your precious skin with these trends, here are some safer alternatives we recommend:

    1. Instead of peel off masks:

    • Oil cleansing
    • Exfoliating with the Foaming Skin Polish
    • Using exfoliating or hydrating sheet masks (different from peel off masks)


      2. Instead of facial brushes:


        3. Instead of doing professional skincare treatments at home:

        • Find an experienced professional 


        4. When purchasing products on Amazon:

        • Check the brand's official website to see if they have a section listing the authorized sellers and see if Amazon is on the list (never trust purchasing Yu-Be from another store on Amazon that is not Yu-Be!)