5 Japanese Skincare Secrets for Smooth, Glass-Like Skin

The smooth, wrinkle-free complexions of Japanese women seems like one of those things that’s easy to label as a “genetic gift from the gods”...but what if it isn't?

What if the secret behind youthful, glass-like skin is actually related not only to quality Japanese skincare products, but also a combination of daily habits and diet?

In today’s blog, we’re going to share with you 5 Japanese skincare secrets so that you too can be on your way to having a complexion that’s effortlessly soft, healthy, and glowing.


1. Eat a balanced diet

Eat a balanced diet to achieve clear, healthy skin

The first step to beautiful skin is what you choose to put in your body. The typical Japanese diet is high in vegetables and fish and low in meat and sugary foods. This kind of diet helps promote strong, healthy skin while also reducing inflammation in the body.

Consuming tea is also very common in Japan. Green tea, in particular, contains molecules known as polyphenols, which have been proven to reduce inflammation, promote healing, and fight certain types of bacteria. This makes green tea an effective ingredient for those dealing with acne and inflamed, reddened skin. If you want to develop the clear, beautiful skin that’s common in Japan, then consuming more green tea, as well as using gentle cleansing products that contain this powerful ingredient, is essential.

2. Do a facial massage. 
While the kinds of skincare products that you use are important, equally just as important is how you apply them. In Japan, facial massages are believed to be a key step in attaining smooth, youthful skin. As each step of your skincare routine is applied, it’s recommended to gently massage the product into your skin using circular motions. Try using our Japanese Yuzu Pure Hydration Cream moisturizer when massaging your face and apply an upward motion to help naturally keep your facial skin strong, lifted, and plump. Check out this video for a detailed guide that includes seven steps to doing a complete Japanese facial massage
Cleanse your skin with our gentle Hydrating Face Wash, which contains soothing green tea, to keep your skin plump and calmed
3. Indulge in steamy baths. Whereas in the US, the majority of people take quick showers to bathe themselves, in Japan, taking long, soothing baths every night is a common part of the culture. In Japan, there are public bathhouses called Onsens that use water from natural hot springs that are rich in minerals, which helps to reduce skin inflammation and irritation, while also providing a moisturizing effect from the water vapors. You can recreate this experience at home (if you have a bathtub) by drawing a hot bath and adding epsom salt and soothing essential oils. Bathe anywhere from 15-30 minutes to allow the minerals to soak into the deeper layers of your skin and enjoy the feeling of deep relaxation and calmed skin afterwards.

In Japan, a folk remedy for rashes includes applying green tea leaves directly to the affected area.
In Japan, a folk remedy is to apply green tea leaves to a rash. Today, that has become the concept of soaking in tea baths!
Today, that remedy has led to the incredible idea of tea baths, which is exactly what it sounds like — adding tea to your bath! In addition to the benefits mentioned above regarding green tea, this powerful tea also helps tighten pores and reduce moisture loss, resulting in smoother texture and plumper skin, so you can imagine how beneficial it would be to add to your bath! Simply boil two cups’ worth of the tea and add it to your bath. Not only will your skin reap the benefits, but your muscles will also experience reduced pain as well. Make sure to always follow up your baths (or showers) with a heavy moisturizer to lock in all the goodness your skin just soaked up.

4. Always remember to apply sunscreen.
 From parasols and gloves, to sleeves, hats and sunglasses, in Japan you will see women go to great lengths to avoid catching extra UV rays. Whether for vanity or for health reasons or both, the Japanese reap the benefits of constantly protecting their skin from the harmful UV rays, and it’s another one of the reasons why clear, smooth skin is so common in Japan. Rain or shine, always make sure to apply sunscreen and wear protective clothing in order to keep the UV rays from breaking down and damaging your skin.

5. Exfoliate your skin with rice bran
Use scrubs that contain rice bran to reap this powerful ingredient's benefits of smoothed, toned, and soft skin
For centuries, the Japanese have known and appreciated the wonderful benefits of komenuka, or rice bran. When used regularly in face and body scrubs, this powerful ingredient helps to reduce blemishes and leave your skin toned, soft, and smooth.

Add these 5 Japanese skincare beauty tips to your daily routine and watch your skin gradually become smooth, radiant, and youthful!