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seth berg
Very Useful

I put YuBe lotion on my heels every night and these socks keep my sheets clean. It's a great combo. Much better than wearing regular socks to bed because the toes have freedom and fresh air. It's a small thing, but it improves the quality of life.

Margaret Powell
a good product

I've used these as socks and they're great. They do a good job of keeping the moisturizer on your feet. I also have plantar fasciitis and noticed that they provide an unobtrusive level of support through out the night which helps with footpain in the morning.

Deborah Stone

Love all the products we have tried so far! The creams absorb in the skin and make them feel SO soft! Will never use anything else!

Thank you!

Roberta Miller
These solved the dry heel problem

I was skeptical that this would work but decided to try them. I have always had to moisturize my heels, they get very dry and crack quickly. I had been using another product that I liked but it was two different cream, exfoliating once and week and I didn't always keep it up. I felt a big difference after one night and it is easy to do. After using the cream else where I just put it on my feet, put on the socks and the next morning I am very happy with the results. The products I have tried from this company do what they say they will and you need to use only small amounts.

Gabriela Perez
Excellent product!

I use them to put the moisturizing at night and let it work while I sleep. It helps the moisturizing penetrate better and I don’t leave stains in my bed sheets.