How Alcohol Damages Your Skin

This may be a hard pill (or glass) to swallow, but...

By avoiding alcohol, you will help keep your skin clear, hydrated, radiant, and smooth.


According to Amy Spizuoco, a dermatologist in NYC, there are three specific reasons as to why alcohol prevents you from having perfect, sparkly skin:

1. When the liver metabolizes alcohol, it produces toxic byproducts that cause your body tissues and skin to become dehydrated

2. The increased dryness of your skin causes your skin's pores to dilate, which allows for more grime and bacteria to enter, and opened pores is a breeding ground for blackheads and whiteheads

3. Alcohol impairs your sleep, and a lack of sleep will decrease your skin's normal cellular turnover rate, leading to an unhealthy and dull complexion


Other ways that alcohol affects your skin:

  • When your body is dehydrated from alcohol, your body sucks fluid from your skin, causing dehydration
  • Alcohol depletes your body of Vitamin A, which is important for cell turnover/skin renewal
  • Alcohol causes inflammation → A histamine reaction in the body gets triggered when you drink, which causes inflammation in the body
  • Alcohol can worsen psoriasis and eczema by causing destruction of your body's collagen


Limes with water, how to consume alcohol safely for healthy, clear skin

Tips on safe alcohol consumption for your skin:

1. You may have heard this one before, but it's always a good reminder: alternate between a serving of alcohol and water and eat a full meal prior to drinking or while drinking to help deter the side effects

2. Avoid drinks that contain more salt and sugar (i.e. margaritas, mixed drinks, and beer)

3. Between red and white wine, the lesser of the two evils is red wine, as it contains reveratrol, an antioxidant that will help your body fight inflammation

4. Use a heavy moisturizer before going to bed and exfoliate the next day to assist your skin's regeneration and healing after a night of drinking

Bonus tip: Also try to avoid caffeine, which acts as a diuretic and dehydrates your body's tissues and skin, leading to an increase in wrinkles and premature aging.