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Helen Dunn
Moisturizer That Literally Does Not Disappoint

Does the job yet does not leave a greasy feel to it like so many products I have tried. The secret sauce is camphor which at first might be overwhelming but it dissipates in less than 5 minutes. I appreciate the product comes in travel size too. This was a good find. I already bought some as Xmas gift for my picky sibling.

Sandy Clark
Best moisturizer ever!

My skin was very dry and sensitive from using tretinoin for acne. I didn’t want to discontinue the tretinoin because it had cleared up my skin beautifully, but the side effects were almost unbearable. After trying many different moisturizers, some of which were recommended by my dermatologist, I decided to try the sample of the original Yu-be cream that was given to me several years ago and I had tossed in a drawer. It has saved my skin, and I can continue using tretinoin without any dryness or sensitivity. My skin looks great! I cannot recommend this product enough. For my skin problems, it worked better than LaRoche Posay, Cerevae, Maracuja Oil, Argan Oil, Avene, Aquaphor, Hyaluronic Acid, E. L. Moisturizers (many kinds), etc. etc. I think you get the picture 🙂

Chelsea W
Beat winter dryness!

The original formula is my all time favorite! As a hairstylist my hands are always in water and when winter rolls around it’s even worse. This heals my dry cracked and sore skin so fast. Im fond of the camphor scent and feel as well!

Great product with great customer service!

My wife and I are royal customers of Yu-Be products for many years. we received a wrong size on our recent order and customer service immediately send us back the correct size and we received the correct size in a couple of days! Thank You Elena for her immediate response!

Súper Cream!!! My skin is very dry and since I use Yu-Be it is much better

After applying I feel my skin freshener