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Yu-Be Combo Set

(1) Tube of Original Yu-Be Moisturizing Cream
(1) Tube of Advanced Formula Hydration Cream
(2) Samples of Original Yu-Be Moisturizing Cream
(1) Vinyl Travel Pouch – This clear vinyl zipper bag is the perfect size to carry your personal care items, cosmetics or any other small items when you are on the go!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Love it.

I ordered the sample tubes just to hand out at work. This product works so well I want to share it!

Dry, splitting skin saver

Every fall and winter my skin becomes extremely dry and itchy. I work with the public and wash my hands many times a day and these tubes of lotion are great for me to use when my fingers begin to crack. I don’t think I could be without Yu-Be ever again! It is a life saver.

So soft

I got this for my husband and he is picky. His hands are less cracked and much softer. I use it on my daughter and my hands too. It’s such a silky finish.

Yu-Be skin cream heals my wounds

I pick my thumbs and cuticles and I wash my hands 20x a day. (I'm on the autism spectrum.) Constant application of this cream on my hands keeps my picked parts moisturized and healed. Usually, when my cuticles get dried out, then I pick it more. Then it scabs over and I make it even worse. But this cream keeps my cuticles moist and smooth. And then there's nothing left to pick. Both of my thumbs have healed COMPLETELY in 12 days. I was amazed! I put it on at night before bed all over my hands and all throughout the day after I wash my hands. I even put it on under my bandaids which I use to keep my thumbs covered to prevent picking. It's all healed up. This cream is SO expensive and I hate that. And 12 days later both my regular AND advanced formula tubes are half empty. :( But the stuff really works. I find that putting the advanced formula without camphor on my wounds is better than the regular formula. The Orange cream kind of burns on open wounds. The green advanced cream does not burn at all. I love both creams though. But I use the green tube especially for my hands and thumbs. This stuff is AMAZING! And the green tube is 100% scent free! I'll keep buying it as long as I can afford it. Definitely a luxury item though. The stuff works though!

Best lotion of all time!

By far my favorite moisturizer by far. I have shared it with everyone I know. Keep making such a great product.